Overview of Services offered by Dr. Jeannie Causey at Manna of Life Wellness, LLC:

Keeping in mind that we are created as three parts- body/mind (emotions)/spirit,  Manna Of Life Wellness, LLC offers naturalistic wellness assessments and services designed to address the whole person while still considering individual uniqueness by specifically tailoring to individualized health and wellness lifestyle needs,  provided in a professional yet caring atmosphere.   

*Bio-Communication Scans(Zyto)   Using a technology similar to that known as a “lie detector”,  Galvanic Skin Response scans identifies items producing stress within the body and offers specific recommendations to help balance those stressors. 

*Resonance Biofeedback(Genius Scan) A unique technology that assesses an individual’s energetic biofield for disturbances, disharmony or hinderances that can negatively impact our health/wellbeing. This tool can also generate individualized frequencies to target areas of concern. This can be accomplished in a one-on-one setting or remotely. Options include single sessions or an enrolling in a subscription program for beneficial repeated entrainment of frequencies into your biofield.

 *Raindrop Technique  A unique modality utilizing specific high quality, organic essential oils applied in sequential manner.  This modality supports general balance to the body while supporting the body’s innate detoxing ability.     

*Ionized Footbath Detox Using a direct electrical cuent applied to water, which causes the water to split into hydrogen, oxygen, electrons and different combinations of these. This process is known as electrolysis. Most importantly, hydrogen anions (H-) are formed. They are introduced into the body through the thousands of pores in the feet in order to neutralize excess free radicals in the body formed in the body during normal metabolism or exposure to environmental toxins in our air, food and water.
Once free radicals are neutralized, they can be moved out of the tissues through osmosis, and the body’s natural detoxification process can eliminate them.

*RBTI ( Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)   A non-invasive modality that assesses how effective the energy received in and then out, is moving. Energy is received through foods, is broken down, utilized and wastes eliminated.  But how effectively is this process operating?                                  

*Also available in conjunction with other services: Bach Flower Assessments, Immune Biosurveys, Food Wellnesss Biosurveys, Iridiology (basic), Vitaflex, Emotional Release, Aromatherapy, Use of Essential Oils

Manna of Life Wellness, LLC
Dr. Jeannie Causey

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