Essential oils are the “life blood” of the plant.  Basically, what our blood does for us, oils do for the plant. If those oils are properly grown, harvested, extracted and bottled, they contain properties and constituents that are beneficial to people and animals.                                                                Essential Oils use has been documented since early biblical times, and highly valued for their benefits in supporting health aspects in the physical body, spiritual lives, cooking. 
The term “essential” will not be found in the Biblical text as it is a modern term coined that refers to the fact that oils are “essential” to the plants existence.                                                                                 

 You should know that there are different grades of oils available-based on their desired purpose- basically  four types:   

  1. Fragrance grade-used for their scent or aroma. Often added to household products that also can contain solvents, chemical, preservatives. 
  2. Floral water-made from the residual and left over water used to separate the oils from the plant material. It may contain small amounts of the actual oil and may have a aroma.
  3. Food grade-harvested and preserved for it flavoring abilities in foods and cooking.                                                                                   
  4. Therapeutic grade- Essential oils that have been grown and harvested from organic quality plants and their oils extracted and bottled in a manner that preserves the integrity and constituents of the oil molecules which can be used to positively support our bodies/mind(emotions)/spirit.

This fourth type, considered the highest quality available, is the type I consider to be of high value in the lives of myself, family, friends.  But even within this fourth type, you unfortunately will find a wide variance in type, price and quality.  We must be our own advocate and do our research!  And having taken my own advice and after over 7 years of use and research,  there is only one company whose oils I choose to use.     

If you would like more information regarding the Essential Oil brand I have confidence in, recommend and personally use, click here:   https://getoiling.com/Daystarway

Manna of Life Wellness, LLC
Dr. Jeannie Causey
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