While it sounds like a acronym for something vulgar, MTHFR has a totally different meaning and impact! MTHFR refers to one of our genes and an enzyme it initiates. This gene has many functions, methylation being a primary one that can impact three general areas: 1. The levels of homocysteine present in the blood. 2. The ability to process and activate functions associated with certain vitamins, most commonly associated with Folic Acid and B12. 3. The level of efficiency our body can eliminate toxins and waste. Methylation in itself is a simple biochemical process that impacts many system functions and organs.

However, the ability to methylate effectively can become more complicated in the presence of certain MTHFR gene “variance”‘s. The inability to effectively methylate in the presence of these variances, and left to their own devices, often hinder or negatively impact the 3 areas listed above, creating potential current and long term health concerns. It has been recognized, thru the recent increased popularity of at home DNA genotype kits, that variances of this MTHFR gene are present in 40-60% of the population. While upwards of 50 different variances have been identified, primarily 2 or 3 are found to be most prevalent. The level of impact is individualized and is influenced by which gene variance is identified, and how many gene “copies” you have received from your parents. By discovery of the presence of a MTHFR variance, this opens the doors for individuals to become pro active by offering additional support unique to specific variance(s). The goal is to potentially minimize the MTHFR gene variance health impact, now and in the future, by incorporating appropriate lifestyle changes.

So WOW! You say… That is a lot to navigate…where do I start? “Navigating” this process is a service Manna of Life Wellness, LLC and Dr. Jeannie Causey offers. Dr. Causey can facilitate your discovery process as well as partner with you to establish an individualized support lifestyle plan. We invite you to contact her through (contact info on website) for details and to make your consultation appointment. Let’s get the discovery process started for you!


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