Prime Time to Show "LOVE" to our Renal System

Winter organ cleanses:Winter is the optimal time to cleanse Kidneys/Adrenals/Bladder and cleanse for any yeast overgrowth.Before ANY organ cleanse, it is very important that your colon is emptying at least once daily.  If this isn’t happening of a minimum of once daily, any other organ cleanse can actually cause additional stress for the body, since released toxins are not being eliminated, but actually being reabsorbed into blood stream.  A colon cleanse resulting in daily evacuation of 1x or more should be first step.
Kidneys/bladder (Renal System) are  the detoxification organs that filters the blood at a rate of several thousand quarts per day. It also balances water and pH balance.  It is also one of the back up filtration systems for the liver.Proper hydration is paramount to allow this system to function properly.  Whether this system is operating routinely to eliminate toxins from blood, or facilitating organ maintenance, the Renal System requires adequate “good” water hydration to operate properly.  A guide to the amount of water to consume on a daily basis can be: your personal weight in pounds, divided in half- drink that amount of water, in ounces DAILY. 
To facilitate Kidney/bladder/adrenals cleansing and restoration, focus on consuming the seasonal foods that recharge Kidneys and adrenals.  These can include Apples, Beets, Cabbage, Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Millet, Kale, Mushrooms, Onions, Brown Rice, Winters Squash, Parsnips, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes, Collards, Quinoa, Chickpeas.  Include lean animal proteins like fish and organic chicken.Avoid Sugars, processed foods, red meats.Emotionally, Kidneys are the organ that stores ‘Fear”.Supportive Young Living Oils and Products:Essential Oil’s- Lemongrass, AromaLife, Juniper, Release, Ledum, Grapefruit.  Valor- formulated to combat fear, fear is stored in kidneys.Other Products:  Longevity Capsules, K&B Tinctures, Detoxzyme,  Endogize, Multigreens.Watch for my upcoming blogs to discover other organs that respond best to their seasonal cleansing in the winter and how you can help support that natural bodily function. 

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