What Happens “After” the Holidays?

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What Happens “After” the Holidays?

Everyone looks forward to the festive holiday seasons that occur in the last quarter of the year.
It is filled with rich and delicious foods ( that you may choose to allow yourself to indulge in “since it is the holiday season”) and many social event opportunities to spend time with family and friends.  But often, as the calendar nears the end of that year, we begin to evaluate ourselves and prepare to make our upcoming New Years Resolutions.
New Years resolutions often have to do with our physical bodies.  This can include releasing  accumulated weight from the recent festive season, and /or paying attention to the overall well-being of our physical body by improving the quality of our nutritional intake, cleansing our organs, and developing a plan to build and tone muscle and increase stamina.
 Did you know that our bodies are more receptive to these “improvements” at certain times of the year?
Looking at nature and how things grow can be a guide and indicator for “when” these cleansings and improvements would be most successful.
Example:  In deep winter,  plants and many animals go into a state of hibernation.  Everything slows down to preserve its energy stores to make it last through winter. Based on this theory, that would make Winter a less desirable time for choosing a weight release program.  Our body is acclimating to cold (in most areas), shorter days of daylight, and “hanging on” to energy stores to keep us warm.  Reducing your food intake at this time, can cause your body to go into a self preservation mode, making it concerned that provision is diminishing, starvation could be a threat, thus causing your systems to slow down metabolism even more, making weight release more challenging as your body chooses to hang on to every resource possible.
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         Happy New Year!
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