Are Essential Oils a “NEW” Thing?

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Are Essential Oils a “NEW” thing?

Essential Oils have been around from the beginning of recorded creation…but in recent decades, mankind has “re-awakened” to the benefits Essential Oils can have for us.
Did you know essential oils have been around as long as plant life on the earth has? If you believe in the Holy Bible and Creation, plant life was created on the Third Day-before creation of Man.  As a provision for Man before we were even created?
I, personally, can envision how aromatic the Garden of Eden must have been.  The Bible doesn’t record Adam and Eve as living in dwellings as we know it, they just lived” in” the Garden!  So, they most likely continually received the benefits of the many plant oils and aromas in that Garden, just by breathing and living there.
Essential Oils are the life blood of the plant…it nourishes, defends, repairs, cleans, oxygenates the cells of the plant.  Essential Oils are what  cause the plant to be aromatic. Turns out, if handled gently and properly, these oils have many benefits for mankind as well.

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